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Caterpillar 6NZ 02725 - Front Left View

Rebuilt Engines

Top-performing rebuilt engines by Big Rig Power! From increased reliability to cost savings, our engine rebuilds offer unrivaled benefits.
BRP Product Kits

Big Rig Power Kits

Simple, efficient turbo conversions (engine side only) with Big Rig Power Kits.
BRP Coolant Transfer Tube in Red for Cummins Marine Applications

Coolant Bypass Tube for Cummins Marine Applications

Our new single-piece Coolant Bypass Tube has been designed for Cummins Marine 871, 2250, 2350, and X15 applications. A practical and efficient solution for more effective cooling. Select from different powder coating colors to suit your tastes.
Cummins X15 Aftermarket Manifold

Exhaust Manifolds

Big Rig Power offers a range of exhaust manifolds for your engine, including high-quality aftermarket options that are designed to boost performance.
The Premo Plus Oil Bypass Filtration unit assembled and shown with filter sizes

PremoPlus Oil Filtration

Protect your engine with Premo Plus - install this easy bypass oil filter system to eliminate liquid contaminants and filter out 98% of particles 3 microns or larger, ensuring your engine runs smoothly.
Red Powder Coated Borg Warner Turbocharger

Turbo Chargers

Improve your vehicle's performance and save on costs with high-quality aftermarket turbos from Big Rig Power. Explore your options today!


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Counterbore Tool for Cummins

Counterbore Cutting

Enhance engine performance and longevity with Big Rig Power's Counterbore Cutting service, a specialized and cost-effective solution.
Light & Medium Duty Diesel Services Available at Big Rig Power

Light & Medium Diesel Services

At Big Rig Power, we believe that every truck deserves the best performance possible. We now offer comprehensive diagnostic, repair and upgrade services for light and medium diesel trucks.
Heavy Duty Diesel Services are Available at Big Rig Power

Heavy Duty Service

Get your heavy-duty truck back on the road with Big Rig Power. Our certified mechanics provide fast and reliable repair & maintenance services.
Fleet Services Img

Fleet Service

Unexpected repairs and routine maintenance issues can disrupt your fleet's productivity. We offer fleet services to a variety of on- and off-highway fleets, regardless of their size.
Big Rig Power's Mobile Service Truck

Mobile Services

Big Rig Power's Mobile Truck Repair Service is fully insured and certified, available by appointment anywhere in Alberta, and can handle almost all roadside repairs and maintenance jobs.
Grey Peterbilt Undergoing a Commercial Vehicle Inspection at Big Rig Power in Edmonton, AB

Commercial Vehicle Inspections

Trust Big Rig Power for licensed Commercial Vehicle Inspections in Alberta, ensuring safety with thorough, expert assessments.
Engine During Rebuilding Stage

Engine Rebuilds

Big Rig Power specializes in heavy-duty engine rebuilds and overhauls, providing cost-effective solutions to extend the life of your vehicle. In-Frame or Out-of-Frame, we have you covered.
Big Rig on the Dyno Ready for a Testing Run

Dyno Services

Boost engine performance with Big Rig Power's precise Dyno testing for heavy-duty vehicles' troubleshooting needs.
Single Turbo Conversion in Progress

Turbo Conversions

Boost your heavy-duty truck's performance with Single Turbo or VGT Conversions. Explore benefits, processes, and trust Big Rig Power experts.
Custom Fabrication Bumper

Custom Fabrication

When stock and bulk fabrication kits aren't enough, Big Rig Power's team can custom fabricate a solution. From logo plates to straight-pipes, we'd love to hear your ideas!


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Power & Performance Tuning is available at Big Rig Power.

Performance Tuning

Elevate your heavy-duty diesel with Big Rig Power's Power & Performance Tuning. Enjoy better reliability & performance.
ECM Custom Bench Tune Being Performed at Big Rig Power

Custom Tuning

Boost your diesel engine's performance & efficiency with our custom tuning solutions for off-highway diesel engines.
Specialized Agricultural Tuning available at Big Rig Power

Agricultural Tuning

Boost your agricultural equipment's efficiency & productivity with Big Rig Power's tuning solutions. Customized to meet your unique needs.
Industrial Equipment & Vehicle Tuning Available at Big Rig Power

Industrial Tuning

Optimize your industrial equipment's performance & efficiency with Big Rig Power's Industrial Tuning services, including CAT Tier 3 & 4.

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