Big Rig Power is 10!

Big Rig Power is Tuning 10!


Ten years ago, Big Rig Power opened for business. Since then, we’ve grown from a small two to three-person operation into having a 25,000 sq.ft shop with an above floor triaxle/tandem dyno, a dealer network that spans most of North America and employs twenty individuals. Wow!


Since it’s been a hard year for everyone, we thought we’d have a little bit of fun for our birthday! Starting November 10th (closed 11/11/2020) and for the rest of the month, we’d like to celebrate by playing with our Dyno. Come in with your truck, and we’ll inspect it (want to make sure it’s mechanically sound), and we’ll perform a benchmarking run on the dyno for $100. Let’s see what your truck is REALLY performing at!


There will be a limited number of slots available each day, so give us a call or message us to secure a time slot!