Financing available

Financing help may be available

Don’t have the cash flow to repair or revitalize your equipment now? Our team understands that cash flow and necessity do not always go hand in hand, especially when the unexpected happens. With the help of our partner, Patron West, Big Rig Power can offer you an easy and convenient way to finance the work you need now.
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how to get started 

Contact us for a comprehensive estimate to give you an idea of approximately how much you’ll need.
Once you have your estimate you can either check out the payment calculator* provided by Patron West to see what payment options may be available. Please note: The minimum amount for financing is $15,000 CAD and available only for Canadian Customers.
Fill out the online application* with all of the required information and submit for approval. The approval process will take approximately 1-4 days depending on your credit.
When you’re approved let us know and we’ll get started.
When the job is completed, all you’ll need to do is pick up your vehicle. Patron West will take care of the rest.
QR Code links to payment calculator and online application*
*Clicking on these links will redirect you to pages hosted on the Patron West website.
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