Customized Rebuilt Cummins ISX 2250 79545154 

The Cummins ISX 2250 has proven its resilience and adaptability throughout its years of production. Continual refinements and improvements based on real-world usage have made this engine:
  • Highly compatible with a wide range of heavy-duty trucks and equipment
  • Easy to integrate without needing significant modifications
  • The go-to choice for demanding tasks due to its power outputs, torque ratings, reliability, and durability

Building on Excellence

The overhaul process started with a genuine OEM Classic Overhaul kit and a new cylinder head from Cummins. It didn't stop there. We installed genuine OEM sensors, a new injector, engine harnesses, oil pump, and water pump. We made sure to clean and inspect all injectors along with the block, crankshaft, and connecting rods. A new vibration dampener and camshaft were installed, and both the flywheel and block were resurfaced and verified to fit OEM tolerances. Lastly, the Oil Cooler was thoroughly inspected, flushed, cleaned, and tested at 120 psi.

Enhancing Performance

Spearheading performance enhancement, we performed a VGT Conversion and paired it with our Performance Tune. As part of this conversion, we installed an ISX Signature 600 manifold with a T-6 flange and along with a Borg-Warner S400SX4 Turbocharger. A BD 5.0 Exhaust Brake Kit was also incorporated into the conversion. To top it off, a new lower temp (215°F as opposed to 235°F) oil thermostat was installed.

Creating a Statement

We believed that this engine deserved a fresh look, so we stepped away from the standard Cummins color scheme. Aiming for a standout look, the engine block, head cover, ECM, and flywheel plate were coated in high heat, high gloss black enamel paint. In contrast, the flywheel cover, turbocharger, front cover, exhaust and water pipes, and other components were coated using Prismatic Powders’ Illusion Cherry and then polished to a mirror shine. For the final touch, a custom chromed “Cummins” logo was carefully placed on the front cover.

The end result? An unparalleled, powerful, rebuilt engine tailored with a sleek, unique look that's sure to turn heads.


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Enhance Your Ride with Our Custom Rebuilt ISX 2250

Ready to boost your vehicle's performance this custom rebuilt Cummins ISX 2250 engine? Fancy adding a bit more of a personal touch? Our skilled team is all set to assist! Get in touch with us today and let's rev up your driving experience!
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