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When your heavy-duty truck is down, you need fast and reliable repair services to get you back on the road. At Big Rig Power, we understand the importance of keeping your truck in top condition, and that's why we offer an extensive list of in-house services to meet your needs.

Our licensed, bonded, and highly skilled mechanics have the expertise to diagnose and repair any issue with your truck. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, ensuring that nothing is overlooked during the repair process.

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We offer a wide range of heavy-duty truck services, including but not limited to:

Complete Brake Service

Ensure the safety of your heavy duty truck and enhance its braking efficiency with our Complete Brake Services:  

  • Ensure the safety and efficiency of your heavy duty truck's braking system.
  • Diagnose and resolve issues such as brake noise, vibration, or reduced stopping power.
  • Expert technicians experienced in brake repairs and replacements.

Complete Suspension Services

Enjoy improved stability while driving and a more comfortable ride with our Complete Suspension Services: 

  • Enhance your heavy duty truck's handling and overall driving experience.
  • Suspension upgrades to improve comfort and stability.
  • Expert technicians experienced in servicing and repairing suspension systems.

Transmission Repair And Replacement

Maintain the integrity of your heavy duty truck's transmission system with dependable repair and replacement services by our skilled technicians.

  • Specialized transmission repairs and upgrades for heavy duty trucks.
  • Resolve transmission issues such as slipping, shifting problems, or leaks.
  • Replacement of faulty transmissions with high-quality replacements.

Engine Repair And Replacement

Get the most out of your truck's engine with our reliable and efficient Engine Repair and Replacement Services.

  • Diagnose and repair engine-related issues for heavy duty trucks of all makes and models.
  • Prevent common engine problems like overheating, loss of power, and excessive emissions.
  • Replacement of faulty engines with reliable and efficient options.

Electrical Component Diagnosing And Repair

Our Electrical Component Diagnosing and Repair Services ensure the proper functioning of vital truck systems such as lighting, wiring, and battery.

  • Comprehensive diagnosis and repair of electrical components in heavy duty trucks.
  • Expert technicians skilled in identifying and resolving electrical issues.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of systems such as lighting, wiring, and battery.

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