Light & Medium Diesel Services


At Big Rig Power, we believe that every truck deserves the best performance possible. That’s why we bring the same level of attention to detail to all of our services. Our team of licensed, bonded, and highly skilled mechanics utilize the latest mechanical and diagnostic equipment, working in our state-of-the-art diesel repair shop with 10 bays and 25,000 square feet of clean and efficient space to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

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Engine Diagnostics And Repairs

Our advanced engine diagnostics and repair services are designed to quickly identify and resolve any engine-related issues. We offer:

  • Detailed computerized diagnostics using industry-leading equipment and software
  • Expert technicians experienced in repairing all makes and models of diesel engines
  • Prevention of common engine issues such as overheating, loss of power, and excessive emissions
  • Regular engine maintenance to ensure optimal performance and reduced downtime

Transmission Repairs And Upgrades

We specialize in transmission repairs and upgrades for light and medium duty diesel trucks, offering:

  • Thorough diagnostic testing to pinpoint transmission issues
  • Rebuilding or replacement of faulty transmissions
  • Clutch and flywheel repairs and upgrades
  • Routine maintenance and servicing for smooth, reliable transmission function
  • Recommendations and installation of performance-enhancing transmission upgrades

Suspension Upgrades

Improve your truck's handling and overall driving experience with our suspension upgrade services:

  • Custom suspension improvement solutions for your specific truck application
  • Replacement of worn-out suspension components with high-quality parts
  • Installation of advanced shock absorbers and struts
  • Enhancement of ride quality, load-carrying capacity, and stability
  • Fine-tuning of suspension systems for optimal performance

Fuel System Repairs And Upgrades

Maximize fuel efficiency and engine performance with our fuel system repair and upgrade services:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of fuel system issues such as injector or pump failures
  • Repair or replacement of faulty fuel system components
  • Upgrades to high-performance fuel injectors and pumps for increased efficiency and power
  • Cleaning of fuel system components, including fuel lines and filters
  • Custom fuel system solutions for improved economy, response, and reliability

COntact us today

If you’re looking for reliable and efficient light and medium duty truck services, look no further than Big Rig Power. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services. Let us help you power your trucks for optimal performance.
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