Single Turbo & VGT Conversions

Turbo Conversions for Your Heavy Duty Diesel Engine

Improve your heavy-duty truck's performance, fuel economy, and reliability with our expert diesel engine turbo upgrades. Choose between Single Turbo Conversions for Acert engines and VGT Conversions for Cummins 871 and Detroit Series 60 engines. Explore the benefits and processes of both conversion options below.

Single Turbo Conversions for Acert Engines

Experience the ultimate upgrade for your Acert engine with a Single Turbo Conversion. By simplifying the dual turbocharger system, you'll enjoy numerous benefits, such as improved fuel economy, increased reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and more power.
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VGT Conversions for Cummins 871 and Detroit Series 60 Engines

Unlock your heavy-duty truck's full potential with a VGT Conversion. Replace the variable-geometry turbocharger (VGT) with a recommended aftermarket turbocharger to enhance performance, reliability, and reduce the risk of engine damage caused by turbo failure.
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Ready to Turbocharge Your Truck's Performance?

Don't let your heavy-duty truck lag behind! Contact us today and let our expert team at Big Rig Power guide you through the best turbo upgrade options for your engine. Experience the power, efficiency, and reliability you deserve.
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