Upgrade Your Heavy-Duty Truck with a VGT Conversion

Unlock the Potential of Your Turbocharger with a VGT Conversion

Variable-Geometry Turbochargers (VGTs) are engineered to optimize the aspect ratio (A:R) in response to your vehicle's changing speed. This design results in minimal lag, enhanced boost at low speeds, and maximum efficiency at higher engine speeds. However, VGTs may present certain challenges over time. By upgrading your Cummins 871 or Detroit Series 60 with a VGT conversion from Big Rig Power, we can not only improve your engine's performance and reliability but also reduce the risk of engine damage caused by turbo failure.

Challenges presented by vgts

As previously mentioned, although VGTs are designed to optimize performance and enhance fuel efficiency, they do have some challenges associated with them:
Carbon Deposits:
High temperatures and pressures in the exhaust gas make VGTs susceptible to carbon deposits. Over time, these deposits may impede the movement of the turbine vanes, leading to decreased turbocharger efficiency and impaired engine performance.
Vane Sticking:
Turbine vanes in a VGT can occasionally stick or fail to move freely due to contamination, carbon buildup, or mechanical issues. This can result in the vanes becoming stuck in a single position, leading to inadequate boost control and reduced power output.
VGT Actuator Failure:
The actuator in charge of controlling the position of the turbine vanes may face failures. These can arise from issues like electrical malfunctions, sensor failures, or mechanical problems. Actuator failure can cause improper vane positioning, resulting in suboptimal boost pressure and diminished engine performance.
Turbine Lag:
Some variable-geometry turbochargers, particularly older designs, can experience turbo lag. Turbo lag is the delay in the turbocharger's response to changes in engine load, which can cause a slow throttle response. While advances in VGT technology have alleviated this issue to a certain degree, it can still be a concern in specific applications.
Complexity and Cost:
VGTs are more intricate and costly than their fixed-geometry counterparts. The inclusion of movable vanes and actuators adds to the overall system complexity and may potentially result in higher maintenance and repair costs.

The VGT Conversion Solution

Prevent potential engine damage and optimize performance by replacing the VGT with a recommended aftermarket turbocharger. This durable and reliable alternative provides a more efficient method of creating boost.

Consider the Benefits

Better Reliability
Improved Boosting
Ease of Maintenance
Enhanced Fuel Economy
Before VGT Conversion
After Single Turbo Conversion Completed
After VGT Conversion

The VGT Conversion Process

Regardless of where the conversion is performed—here in our shop, at one of our dealer's shops or by yourself using one of our Conversion Kits—the process remains the same:
  1. Replacing the stock exhaust manifold with a stronger ceramic exhaust manifold.
  2. Installing a premium aftermarket turbocharger for added power, efficiency, and reliability.
  3. Custom tuning to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Trust Big Rig Power for Your VGT Conversion

At Big Rig Power, our heavy-duty diesel mechanics are experts in diesel engine repair, upgrades, and maintenance. We use the latest mechanical and diagnostic equipment in our 25,000 square foot shop, and our Dyno will measure the performance increase we promise. Experience the Big Rig Power advantage with quick turnarounds, custom tuning, remote tuning, warranty, Red-Seal Certified Mechanics, globally trained programmers, and superior product lines.

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If you’re looking for reliable and efficient light, medium , and heavy duty truck services, look no further than Big Rig Power. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services. Let us help you power your trucks for optimal performance.
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